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Light Guide Systems Pro™ the Newest Technology from Light Guide Systems and Hewlett Packard

Light Guide Pro Light Guide Systems, an augmented reality tool that is transforming manual assembly and manufacturing processes for companies worldwide, is working with HP Inc., to launch a new technology tool—Light Guide Systems Pro. Utilizing the immersive computing platform Sprout Pro by HP, Light Guide Systems Pro modernizes manual assembly processes in commercial and education applications.

Introducing the Light Guide Pro™ Light Guide Systems helps reduces error and radically improve manufacturing assembly processes by projecting a digital operating “canvas” directly onto virtually any work surface and providing audio and visual prompts, guidance, pacing and direction. Light Guide Systems Pro takes the tool to the next level by incorporating its proprietary software into the powerful yet compact Sprout Pro PC platform to deliver a clean and compact package that is portable, flexible and affordable.
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Light Guide Medical gets it Right, Every Time
Light Guide Medical

Light Guide Medical delivers targeted functionality to meet industry demands with precision and consistency. The patented augmented reality software technology provides the visualization, traceability, flexibility, and quality control required to solve a growing variety of today’s industry challenges making lives measurably better.

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